Head of Operations
Head of Operations
BrighterMonday.com Ltd

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Job Description/Requirements

Our Vision

  • Africa’s solution to bridging the talent gap.

Reporting into

  • CEO BrighterMonday

Direct Reports

  • Operations Analyst

Key Relationships

  • Head of Sales BMK
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head, HR BMK
  • Head, Recruitment and Outsourcing EA
  • Head, Marketing BMK
  • Head of Partnerships EA

Key Responsibilities

  • The Head of Operations has a unique vantage point in the organization and is tasked with minimizing the operational challenges faced by the organization.
  • Take responsibility and initiative in the smooth running of the overall business operations.
  • Gauge execution of business strategic plans which are operationalised by functional heads across the organization.
  • Evaluate regularly the efficiency of processes and procedures.
  • Work with functional heads to develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Work with the Business Intelligence team to build insights to measure business process efficiencies.
  • Communicate with the functional heads to enable alignment and measure cross-functional collaboration. 

Operations Alignment

  • Business processes assessment and quantification of business value. 
  • Works collaboratively with leaders for implementation of tools that enable efficiency and cost saving.
  • Monitoring core operations through indicators on operations dashboards.
  • Prioritize performance measures for operational reporting to leadership team.
  • Continuously seek flexibility and agility, measure and improve the collective organization’s agility quotient anchored on customers’ preferences: responsiveness, product launches, improved resource capacity utilisation.
  • Ensuring employees across the organization are aligned on utilisation of systems.
  • Driving operational accountability in resource utilisation.
  • Engages, designs and facilitates the operational  leadership team to set expectations, cadence and governance of business strategy.
  • Creates a consistent shared understanding of internal processes and procedures. 
  • Unifies business insights to drive efficiency through building closed loop systems (for employees, partners, customers and processes themselves) to ensure a continuously improving learning organization.
  • Brings design thinking capability into the organization across the business operations.
  • Works across the organization to create and report metrics to measure success, and includes these metrics in ongoing reviews that drive decision-making.
  • Drives executive support and engagement in business metrics and results, influencing leaders across the organization and holding them accountable.
  • Works with finance teams to develop a financial model that quantifies and illustrates the business value and ROI of investing in systems and process improvements..
  • Facilitates evolution of the culture to that of shared values and behaviors that encourage, empower and enable all employees to deliver company deliverables.
  • Reaches across the organization, engaging employees with strategies to consistently think about their TATC values.
  • Partners with Human Resources so that hiring practices, employee learning and development, and rewards and recognition incorporate business outcomes.


  • Group Facilitation - ability to facilitate and guide groups, helping them find the answer and engage in co-creation of solutions, promoting understanding of how their roles are critical to business success.
  • Interpret Data - ability to interpret data and insights to objectively and consistently drive business objectives.
  • Solution orientation - Can use various methods like Design Thinking, and collaboration to define problems, develop and execute solutions and review outcomes.
  • System Thinker - able to see the big picture as well as the detail


  • Monthly TATC EXCO reporting with the CEO
  • Lead the weekly reporting with the CEO.
  • Contribute to the monthly reporting with the CEO
  • Drive cross-functional collaboration
  • Drive omnichannel integration of existing systems

KPIs to measure success

  1. OKR achievement 
  2. Effective monitoring of cross collaborative initiatives 
  3. Adherence of Standard Operating Procedures. Drive 80% adherence.
  4. Omnichannel integrations
  5. Client’s satisfaction and retention
  6. Employee’s satisfaction
  7. Workplace productivity and resource optimization

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years in process mapping. 
  • Successful in a lead operations role in a digital high growth start up.
  • Relevant Certifications. 
  • Preferred financial or statistical background.
  • Understands and can teach operations methods and tools.
  • Data-driven with a strategic mindset; strategic planning and business development.
  • Excellent people management and leadership skills;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change;
  • Understanding of digital products and their impact on users, the completion and economics behind the business;
  • High level of results orientation.
  • Proven track record of managing complex projects successfully
  • Outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels
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