Fish Farmers Interns
Fish Farmers Interns
Got Regea Fish Farmers

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

2 hours ago

Internship & Graduate

Rest of Kenya

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Job Description/Requirements

Got Regea fish farm is organization was started in the village to help retired fishermen and others in the village be able to earn a living by fishpond farming.

The organization is currently in need of interns within the village and neighboring villages, as they would like to empower the youths in the area.


1.Learn how dig fish pond
2.How to rear the fish and the food they should give the fish
3.How to manage the fish from hatching to full grown fish
4.How to start up and manager a fish farm
5.The different types of fish and the best fish for the fishpond project
6.The advantages and disadvantages of fish pond farming
7.Some of the challenges of fish pond farming
8.How to generate income with fish farming and how to manage the fish farming project.

1.Have formal education at least certificate in KCSE or technical training college

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